Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One Year Old Today...

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It was one year ago today that three New York women got together and decided to share their love letters for the same Manhattan. Cherrybomb, Mex-goes-NY and Sober in the City met for rooftop dinners to exchange ideas and strategize the birth of a blog that brought color to their growing friendship.

So much has happened in the past year. Cherrybomb is now a regular contributor to the Bluefly fashion blog. Mex-goes-NY is still with the stranger from the train and they are coming up on a one year anniversary of their own. Sober in the City is still sober and still single. She has been commuting between NY and DC and has invited a new cast of NY women to celebrate the finer points of city living.

A girl’s night out in the meatpacking district introduced Sober to Black Sheepish. But when Sober and her sister
Tigersmile went to the theater and looked up on the stage to see Black Sheepish in the starring role, the friendship was cemented. Watching her navigate through the life of a New York actor has given new insight into a mysterious world that is such a big part of the city.

met Organically Speaking in the Dominican Republic. When Organic called to say she would be moving to New York, Sober jumped at the chance to get her first impressions on the blog. While Organic tries to keep up with the growing momentum of the city, she works to balance time for herself, her love, her passions, her work, her friends and her blogging. Also with fresh insight into the Big City is our own little Lion. Interning with us for the summer, Lion is like a younger sister to the Three New York Women. A little sister growing up fast. Lion will remind us all what it is like to be 21 and in love. In love with Manhattan.

We have come a long way in the past year. According to our site meter, we have been viewed 415,074 times in twenty four different countries. As a team we have shared 137 posts. Our site has changed its look and has been through many talented contributors. Thank you to all the writers:

Carpe Diem

Black Sheepish
Organically Speaking

And of course, a big thanks to our most loyal supporters:

Tall Glass of Vino
The Chronic Curmudgeon

Happy Birthday to Three New York Women! Can’t wait to see how much you and your contributors grow up in the next year!!

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