Monday, June 13, 2005


Last week I was with cherrybomb and we went to a party celebrating a book release. It was filled with literary types and both cherrybomb and I do freelance writing so I thought it would be a great networking opportunity. Okay, so I also thought there might be the chance of meeting some fresh fling material for the impending scorchey summer. But as luck would have it, the most interesting person at the party was a young woman who introduced me to the concept of blogging.

Having never really experienced much of the blogosphere, I did a little research. I logged onto her site the next day and checked out her links. Her blogs were deep, witty and well written. But within a few clicks of the other net offerings I was thinking, 'What a bunch of narcissists.'

I mean, what makes these people think there lives are so important.

But the idea remained tempting. After all, I love writing. And I do keep a daily journal. And I do love feedback.

But to keep me from thinking that the world revolves around my daily dramas, I decided to invite two girlfriends to join. I pitched to the two women I admire most and they both agreed to take me up on my mission.

The mission is simple; to spread the message. Not all women in NYC are all about men and selfish needs fulfillment. Some women are struggling to be the best they can… offer the most back to the world. I’m not saying that we are not still trying to find the coolest social activities in New York City, the best price for discount designer duds or the most available NYC bachelors. I’m just hoping that we are more than that, and through sharing our experiences we can help spread the word.

Hope it keeps this shape, but I guess you never know what’s going to happen in the world of Blog.

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