Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today is my AA anniversary

That's right. I've now been sober for thirteen years. So long, that I need to spell out thirteen to emphasize the legitimacy.

Since I am in DC on assignment for the next two months, I decided to start my celebration early with a visit to my old home group. At 7:30 AM , I dragged myself down to the Alano Club on Connecticut. The chilly spring day was warmed by the sight of so many familiar faces.

We read chapter 11, A Vision for You. It was exactly what I needed to hear today. I needed to remember that all the excitement that I have been seeking with geographic relocation, romantic entanglement, career ambition and shopping, could easily be found in the form of fellowship and helping another alcoholic. And it's true.

At the half-time, I picked up my coin and felt the stirs of nostalgia.

This is the room where I renewed my commitment to AA three years ago. After a year in that room, my life improved and I relocated to New York. In Manhattan AA feels about ten times faster and ten times more intense.

But, being back in DC and being back in that room has confirmed two things for me.

1. I have changed a lot in the last two years.
2. I haven't changed nearly as much as I thought I had.

It reminds me of the last time I went back to Seattle to help my parents move out of the house where I had spent my childhood. As I packed up boxes room by room, I fondly came across the pencil marks on the wall where my sisters and I had measured our adjusting height. I ran my finger down the wall until it stopped at the date of my last measurement.

Jane, 17 years old, 62"

I put my back against the wall like I was seventeen again. When I stepped away, the realization was all too clear.

Jane, 32 years old, 62"

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