Sunday, February 26, 2006

I had a brunch date yesterday morning with a guy named Mike.

Mike's have always been a good choice for me.

  • There was Mike the Politician. I nearly married this Mike and our union brought me on my first tour of Washington DC. Too bad I couldn’t handle the pressure of launching a career in that city and failed the relationship. The heart ache from our break-up resulted in significant weight loss and a reality TV show.
  • Jersey Mike was seven feet tall. I met him on the set of a Midnight Spike. I was appearing to promote Joe Schmo and he was room mates with the host Rossi. Jersey Mike ushered me into New York, met me in four different NYC sports bars to catch the Red Sox/Yankees World Series games, invited me to dive college bars and introduced me to my now best guy friend C. His unfortunate Irish affection for alcohol and keg parties eventually led to his dismissal.
  • Mike the Music Man was hip and knew everything about music. We spent the summer listening to mixed CD's, talking music and following the NYC live music scene. Unfortunately his preoccupation with lying on the couch to just ‘be’, was not well suited for my anal retentive drive to stay in constant motion.
I have a brunch date this morning with a Jeff. Not many Jeff's in my archives. You?

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