Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Shaken Confidence

How do you start something new after you have ended something badly?

Got in a bit of trouble last week and it shook my confidence. I feel inept returning to the 'scene of the crime'. Reminds me of something my Dad once told me the first time he had a malpractice suit brought against him.

"I knew I had messed up. I didn't need a committee or court to tell me. I knew ever since the day I made the mistake. But what the case did was rob me of my confidence. After the case, I would find myself in surgery and I would hesitate, afraid I was going to screw up. And the last thing you want in your operating room is hesitance. Not only do you want someone who is sure of themselves over that knife, but you want the boldness of someone who is not afraid to take risks. "

Relationships not meant to be, projects unfulfilled, things just not going my way... with mistakes comes a period of insecurity. And that's okay.

For today.

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