Thursday, February 02, 2006

State of the Union Party:

Does this make me a dork? My friends and I had a State of the Union Party, camping out in the apartment with TiVo. We armed ourselves with chocolate chip cookies & print-outs of Who’s Who (like the mysterious people sitting with Laura Bush). We handed out copies of the official State of the Union drinking game rules. The instructions: drink every time the President mentions “freedom,” “evil” or “evil-doers.” Good thing most of us weren’t drinking. Those words kept coming up, and after all, it was a weeknight.

The State of the Union I’ll never forget was during the Monica Lewinsky trial, when Bill Clinton took the mike and didn’t mention the scandal but distracted America with his smooth talk. What a powerful public speaker. If only they were all that brilliant.

George W. did well, considering he doesn’t have that gift. He asserted his beliefs and made ONE FUNNY JOKE, which is more than most State of the Unions. He said two of his dad’s favorite people are turning 60, Bill Clinton and himself. Hillary didn’t crack a smile, but in this instance, we don’t know if her anger was directed at W. or Bill.

Hillary’s mocking face was hilarious throughout the speech. The emotion was spilling out her pores. She couldn’t contain her scorn for the current president. I bet she’d be awful at cards - No poker face at all.

New Chief Justice Samuel Alito looked dazed and sleepy, but he’d had a long day, getting sworn in and all. John Kerry wasn’t too happy. “It could’ve been me,” was his expression. “It could’ve been me.”


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