Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Meantime is Wasted Time

How long should you entertain a 'meantime' relationship? For me, six months is way too long! That is why, last night, I put out the flame with Mr. T. I had been analyzing my weekly sex and sushi romance and suddenly realized that we had been dating for six months! Six months and no mention of where the relationship was going. Six months and no talk of a future or even what we now had. It was the big elephant in the room...we both had it on our minds, but neither of us stepped up to the plate.


Last night I dug my heels in the dirt and took control. I was dreading it. It would have been so much easier had Mr. T been an asshole or a jerk, but he actually was a decent guy--we just 'weren't that into' each other. When Mr. T had suggested an evening of dinner and such, I firmly stated I wanted to meet for coffee. Yeah, he knew it was coming.

You see, dating someone in the meantime can be fun and jolly, but in reality, the meantime is wasted time. It's becoming complacent. And soon, it's just the easiest thing to do. It's familiar. And I forgot exactly why I was spending my nights with this person to begin with. Did I see myself falling in love with person? Did this person challenge me? What the hell was I getting besides dinner and sex? I can feed myself. And I can pleasure myself. I need to be out there and be fabulous so I can meet my Mr. Right....not the stereotypical Mr. Right Now. By living in the meantime, I was wasting time.

Mr. T knew it was coming. He knew it was coming for a while and was surprised I didn't say anything until last night. I, MYSELF, was surprised I didn't say anything until last night. It was just too easy for us to go along with it, enjoy each other's company, then go off and live our lives for the rest of the week. He said he even felt like he didn't have to try anymore. And that's why I knew it was time. Like I said in a previous post, I don't need a sugardaddy, but WOO me for Christ's sake! Tell me I look beautiful! Send me a romantic text...whatever! The romance had fizzed--even though the sex hot. And that was six months ago.

So while I was walking home in the rain, after a final cordial kiss goodby, Mr. T texts me and actually thanks me for the mature way I broke things off....then makes a cute romantic statement about how cute and funny I am. Too little too late. Time to live in the now.

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