Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A decision.

A ticking clock.
48 hours.
A decision.

Options to weigh.
+ I'm poised to begin work with a new client on a big project that could help move me along in my career. This client wont wait for me.
+/- Disaster relief, daily drama, tear, painful sights, children reunited with their parents, trailers, water, death, a feeling that I am affecting the world.
- What about the connections with people I've built in the last year? The work I've been doing in my sobriety? Fall in New York? Possibly Christmas... For sure Thanksgiving...And that means family. Can I go without my family for the next few months? I never thought I would ask that question.
- What about my apartment? Your apartment defines you in New York. Your lease can make life choices on your behalf. But only if you let it.

So much to think about.

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