Friday, September 16, 2005


"I will be your sugar daddy in exchange for some hot steamy nights. Tease me and please me and you will be showered with gifts..."

This is a quote from an email that I received from my internet experiment. I don't think so. Is this not code for prostitution??? Sorry, buddy, not going to happen. And this is basically what the rest of my emails either hinted at or just as boldly stated. Sorry , but I cannot bring myself to even consider going out with these guys. My experiment sounded dandy and all, but I ceased to consider one thing. Oh yeah---PRIDE.

I am a confident, self-assured woman and I do not look to a man for financial support, nor would I provide 'hot steamy nights' in exchange for any gifts. Gifts are nice, but my pride is nicer. I can wake up with my pride in the morning and be ok. While pride doesn't give me Tiffany's or orgasms, it still can make me sparkle and feel great.

So I think I answered my own question with a few simple emails. I am NOT a gold-digger. I don't need to go on a series of 'experimental dates' to figure this out. I need someone who will make me laugh, so hard that I almost pee myself. Someone who will love me in heels or fuzzy slippers. Someone who shares the same values and goals. Cute butt? Bonus. Fat wallet? Yes, bonus, but NOT a necessity. To be honest, when men I don't care about showered me with gifts, I began to appreciate both them and the gifts even less. I know it sounds crazy , but another pair of earrings? And they would get tossed into my drawer....If a man didn't have money but cared enough to stop and pick up my favorite flower, I think I would be just as much, if not more, pleased.

The more I thought about my own 'gold-digging' problem, the more I realized it was not a problem. Hallelujah!!! I guess this blog thing does more for me that I realized :)

And I am not going to go out with the German again. His personality wasn't rich enough for me.

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