Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Date with Self

So I sit in my apartment eating a gourment dinner I prepared for myself and surfing the web. Finding myself with some free time, I declared tonight "my date with self night" only to find that I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Am I really that boring??? I must say that I am a bit disappointed with myself that I didn't have a date set up for tonight. Its very unusual for me to sit at home on a given night. Thats not to sound vain, its just the truth. Is it because I can't sit with myself? Perhaps. But in all honesty, I think its because I am a single gal living in the city who just plain loves men. And dating. And sex. In fact, I think dating should become an olympic sport. I don't know if Im looking for Mr. Right. Im sure if I met him, I'd settle, but as of now, my love life is mostly derived from,,, and any other site that pops up when you google 'dating'. Additionally, I enjoy meeting men in coffee shops, men with dogs, men with suits, men with pulses....

So tonight, dateless, I went to my favorite step class with my favorite instructor. I live in the village, so basically all men at the gym are gay, but with slamming bodies. I have an obsession for my step instructor-- I want to eat him up, take him home, but wait, oops, he doesn't like women. Nevertheless, my mind wanders as I focus on his buns of steel while trying not to fall flat on my face.

After class I hit the Gourmet Garage to get some ingredients for my romantic night with self. As I pass the 50 types of lettuce, a boy who had been eyeing me through back in the mushroom aisle 'accidently' bumps into me, apologizes and proceeds to make small talk about produce before asking me for my number....I take his email. I don't do phones. He was pretty decent, albeit on the verge of dorky, but its nice to have a backup just in case of a dateless night emergency . I see nothing wrong with going out with someone you know isn't the 'one' as long as its casual and fun. You can always learn something new... Besides, its a great way to experience new things and go to fabulous restaurants :)

So my 'date with self' night continues and I think I will settle in with some Garden State Soundtrack playing , and perhaps a fun visit with my friend the rabbit before putting myself to rest. Note to self: must put away all 'rabbit-like' materials before mom visits this weekend...

Hey, at least Ill get lucky.


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