Saturday, September 10, 2005

Let's Go Yankees~!

Is there anything better than a good old fashioned baseball game? The spirit, the excitement, the unnatural smell of hotdogs, the Yankees with their tight uniforms and oh-so-round buttocks, and the cutie drunk men cheering them on. Yes, I love baseball.

So I brought my mother to our annual Yanks vs. Sox game and had a wonderful bonding experience. Not only can we share our ignorance of the game, but we also share our appreciation for Mr. Jeter.

So sitting in our nose-bleed seats, I realized that bringing a mother to a baseball game must hold some attraction to men. It reminded me of how a girl with a dog attracts attention (not that I am comparing my mother to a dog!!!) We received so many comments about how cute it was for a mother and daughter to go to a baseball game together and how we could be 'sisters'. Yeah, like my 57 year old mother looks like my sister. Unless Im aging very poorly at 26.

Anywhoo, I get mesmorized by the cutie single dad in front of us and start striking up a conversation with his adorable son. Yes, I actually think his 6 year old is cute, and that says alot, given my strong dislike for children. Ok, ok, so some of it entailed a cheap way to get to talk to his blue-eyed cutie father. So the dad and I are hitting it off and he invites me and my mother to sit down next to him in the two empty seats. We are getting along great and the chemistry is TOTALLY there--he had even hinted at bringing me to another game with his little rugrat. This is all fine and dandy EXCEPT for the fact that after a great play and our cute new victory dance, who appears, but one of the men I have been dating for the past few months. Lets back up. So in March I started dating this fellow, lets call him Mr. T. We have been casually dating (and yes, sleeping together) since then. It has not been too serious, only for the fact that with the summer and our such hectic schedules, we could only see each other once every week or two for the occasional sushi and sex. This actually worked out for my advantage because it kept him and I from getting too close, which is how I want to keep it at this point. He , however, has hinted at getting more serious and I have avoided the topic like I do fried foods. So anyway, I had mentioned to Mr. T that I would be at the game and he had told me earlier this week he may have seats (but in the expensive section). Apparantly I told him what section I would be in, because , yup, in the 7th inning, during my victory with Mr. Mom, he pops up. This was just too ironic-how could he have remembered my seats? Yeah, the tension was thick. Anyway, I introduced him to my mother (I NEVER introduce men to my mother!)as he gave me a quite obvious and territorial kiss in front of Mr. Mom and proceeded to stay with us for the next inning. He proceeded to talk about our upcomming BBQ date on Wed and how its SOOO nice to spend time together. There went my chances with Mr. Mom. Oh well, Im not the maternal type anyway and don't want kids...especially those that aren't mine!

BTW, I DID pay enought attention to the game and Yanks kicked ass!

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