Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fall in DC

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I took the train down to DC last week. Just getting off the train and stepping into a DC fall, flooded my senses with nostalgia.

It's been one year since I packed my bags and fled the conservative clean streets of the capital for the hipster grime and promise of The Big Apple. Walking now through Dupont Circle, I am overwhelmed with reminders of the lonliness and solitude that haunted me when I lived in this city.

But at the same time, I fondly recall the night I sat on the edge of this fountain eating ice cream with my ex-boyfriend or literally skipping down this street with three girlfriends after a night of dancing in Adams Morgan.

I don't understand how turning a simple corner and coming upon an old house I walked by every day on my way to work can bring a pang of bittersweet memories that sit like a stone in my chest.

It's the simple pain of the passage of time, lost opportunities, mistakes and stolen moments of self-acceptance. Golden fall days that I can't get back and wish I could bottle up, place on a shelf and take down on a rainy New York winter afternoon.

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