Friday, October 28, 2005

fixed menu... (for Molly Jean)

New York is a like a fixed menus of cultural offerings. Like a wedding rehearsal dinner, you can pick something off the appetizer menu… a salad... first course... an intermezzo ...second course ... dessert .... and a beverage of your choice.

I’ll start with the Baked Spinach with three cheeses…

Last Monday it was Big Quiz Trivia Night at the Slipper Room on the LES. I invited Carpe Diem, my friend Alphie and the boy I had been eying in the Sunday morning meeting. He showed up wearing a coral sweater, which he took off half way through the night and tied around his waist like a preppy young Euro in from France for a big Manhattan weekend. But he poured my water and put his hand on the small of my back.

…Followed by the Chilled Salmon Salad with Orange Citrus Onions….

Wednesday night I battled the tourist in Times Square to join up with fellow Maxwell Alum for a night at Carmines eating more food than most Italians could consume in a year.

…Chicken Soup with matzo balls…

Thursday Night: Bowling at Bowlmore near NYU. My friend Sara arrived with a girl who promptly left when her preppy, lawyer boyfriend arrived. They are apparently having troubles because shortly after she left- her boyfriend began hitting on me. He tricked me into allowing him to walk me home and then tried to kiss me goodnight on my doorstep. I told him I don’t kiss men who wear navy blue blazers that have shiny gold buttons imprinted with tiny anchors. Am I shallow?

I joined my Actress friend on Friday for “A Woman in Progress: Canto de Oro, Cuento de Mujer”. A one woman show with the Vulcan Star Trek Lady that had a cameo in La Bamba. It inspired us to go to Chevy’s afterwards. One of these events made me feel close to Mexico. Can you guess which?

…Chevy's Chicken Chimichanga w/tangy mole sauce…

I invited sweater boy to the VII Exhibit in Chelsea on Saturday afternoon. It featured photographs of conflict. People in conflict, countries in crisis, women in pain, men in shame… We could add the image of me squirming beneath sweater boys kiss about a half hour later as he begged me to join him for dinner with twelve of his friends at Rauls in SOHO. We could also add the awkward moment of him leaving my house with blue balls at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. If he had shaved, I would now not be nursing a face that looks like I spent one hour too much in the Cancun sun. If photographed properly I could be placed somewhere between the shots of the children of Chernobyl.

After the Sunday night French Church meeting, I had friends over for Pumpkin Carving. Carpe and others joined me in slicing and dicing. We roasted the seeds and carpe and Mex-Goes-NY scrubbed my kitchen with witty banter and firm advice.

…Pumpkin Cheese Risotto…

By Monday I wanted to curl up and sleep on the stranger next to me on the F train, but I rallied for a Human Rights First Benefit. This only served to remind me that I am far from doing the things that really interest me and while Bosnian Cevapcici in the East Village is a comfort food of a past life, it does not suffice for an international experience.


Before joining my girlfriends at Joes Diner on 6th Ave, I listened to Nick Flynn read poetry and prose from his memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. He is a poet. And listening to him eased my pains from a week long trial in the workplace that made me want to buy every pair of shoes on 5th Avenue.

...Elaine’s Bye Bye Ms. American Apple Pie…

I was late to writing Class on Wednesday night and spent the majority of the time wishing I had more time to do the assignment. If I wake up at 5 am every morning I could write, go to the gym, have time for reflection and eat eggs for breakfast. Can I survive on three hours of sleep? Is there a way?

Tonight, my friend Ele and I paid $200 in a silent auction for dinner with Collin Quinn. He was set to headline for the Stand-Up for Peace, Second Annual Comedy Benefit for Seeds of Peace. Since he didn’t show at the benefit, I’m doubting he will be in attendance at our dinner date. But I'm sure my money will go to a good cause. Perhaps I can trade up for two VIP tickets to SNL. The rest of the comediennes rocked however, and the night was topped by flirting shamelessly with a salesman (Head of Sales, sorry) for at a small bar next door.

...Cinnamon Spice Coffee, please. And the check!!

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