Saturday, April 01, 2006

Foreign currency

l've just completed my third week in another kind of hell that is the NYC job search. I jumped in completely unprepared and green. I thought that NYC was just waiting for me with open arms. You know that confidence that comes from being a big fish in a very small pond for too many years? Well I had that dangerous type of confidence in loads three weeks ago. Back on the rez a girl like me gets very used to feeling like she is in control of everything!

How could I not have job offers in New York by the dozen inside of the first week...don't they know who I am?! Right.

After days of interviews, no interviews, the hiring manager that doesn't call back, the temp agency owner that felt like a cruise director, extreme existential musings on what money really is...I simply feel like a foreigner. It's as though I'm learning a new language. The energy, the vocabulary, the syntax and cadence are so different than anything I've ever experienced. It's one thing to travel to and through a city; quite another to try to establish a relationship with it. I come home exhausted, sweaty, and slightly dizzy.

Somehow I believe that I will become fluent in this city's language. I trust that the dizziness will subside and I will find myself employed.
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