Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear Sheep,

Tomorrow, I will wear comfortable shoes to work.

Yesterday, I walked about five miles in a pair of Marc Jacobs wedge heels. People in DC do not do this. They change into their sneakers and white gym socks.

I don't know how much longer I can refuse the fashion faux pau in exchange for my back not aching and my feet not throbbing when I arrive home. When you are mostly walking by dormant store fronts, through ghost town residential areas and vacant cobble stone streets, glamorous shoes somehow lose their purpose.

Promise me that by wearing comfortable shoes I am not becoming one of them.

Sheep, can you guarantee me that I wont start shopping at Banana Republic, drinking Starbucks, refusing make-up, matching my shoes with my handbag, wearing pearls, or dating men that wear baseball caps and jeans with pleats??

Please respond quickly, my dogs are barking.

- Sore-in-a-New-City

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