Monday, June 20, 2005

Mexican Woman in NYC

A real Mexican.

Not mixed, not born just north or just south of the border, nor has been here half of her life. Why should you read this posting today and continue to read next week? If you really want to know how Mexico views NYC; read. If you want to learn about social class differences; read. If you want to learn how to behave when YOU are in Mexico or any other Latin country for that matter; read. If you want to know how a Mexican woman can dream of living in NYC and deal with the ever-sought-after visa 'papers'; read. If you ever thought Catholicism got in the way of your life, but you have a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend; read. If you were ever split in two by the love you have for your nuclear family and a vibrant and exiting life in New York City; read. If you'd like to hear my view on a country spreading out as much as Mexicans are spreading north of the border; read. If you want to know how it feels to get free meals in NYC; read (this is a city with a BIG Mexican population in the restaurant industry).

I'm a Mexican woman in NYC. From a well-educated upper-middle class family. Yes, a middle class exists in Mexico. But wait! My family was not always upper-middle class. My great-grandmother was a fully indigenous single mother of one (my grandma). Great-grandma sold garnachas on a little street-corner of her village in Veracruz. From garnachas to NYC? I wish great-grandma could be here to see this! Why do I mention social class? If you are Latin, you know what I mean. If you aren't, keep reading. Do I care about this differentiation? Yes, I would not like for it to be there. But it is. Is it racism, or polarization? It disappears somewhat in NYC. Suddenly I am part of the Mexican population here. Suddenly I become a Hispanic. I was never a Hispanic before. I was in the majority.

Now I am a Hispanic woman in NYC. I've been here for 3 years on and off. My home is now New York. Social issues, family culture, cross-border relationships, work, art and love, that is what this blog is about. See NYC through my eyes, through a Latin vibe, this is my open invitation!


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