Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just for today and tomorrow and the next day

Now I know I'm lucky. I know I'm blessed, I know I have a beautiful life, and I know that things are just fine fine fine. But still, today, I want to hide under the covers.

I want a big comforter and a mug of hot chocolate. I want matzo ball soup just like my grandma makes. I want a declawed cat to snuggle next to me, and the teddy bear that I lost 13 years ago. I want Annie and Cool Runnings and Notting Hill and all ten seasons of Friends on DVD. I want my mom. I also want her not to call me eight times today. I want the rain to turn to snow and the temperature to drop 35 degrees. I want my roommates to clean the apartment and then disappear. I want to sleep without any dreams.

I want I want I want. Poor me poor me pour me another, I know. But today this is just how I feel.


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