Saturday, June 17, 2006


Life is being pretty good. I've been in the city for a week, and I already have about ten million stories. In a nutshell:

1. Last night I had Korean barbecue at Woo Lae Oak with some new friends. One of them works there, so he knew exactly what to order. I've tried for 21 years to like salmon (what's a good Jewish girl if she can't eat lox?) with no success. Somehow, last night, I did. And, I also liked cod, coconut and scallops. Amazing. Then we got the bill- a roughly 300 course meal for five cost $160. My friend said it should have cost $600. I love having connections. (Of course, the $50 I paid- we left a huge tip- still made it the most expensive meal I've ever had. By far.) I really never understood before why people cared about having good food. I guess I'd never had any.

2. A cat named Horseshoe lives in our apartment. She loves me soooooo much. Everywhere I go, she follows. And, she gives me massages while I am falling asleep.

3. On my second day at work, I was researching for a column called sex shorts, summarizing recent study results. Picture the 40-year-old men I work with. Then picture the new little intern explaining to a group of them that penile-vaginal intercourse has been found to hold more health benefits than masturbation or other forms of intercourse. They wouldn't stop asking questions. I think they were enjoying it.

4. My temporary roommate fell asleep on the subway last night. He woke up at 4 a.m. in North Queens. He said there have definitely been times when he felt safer. When another subway didn't come, he called every taxi company he could find. No one would get him. After an hour, a subway finally came. He was scared of me, because I'd gotten angry with him earlier for staying out so late (he doesn't have keys, so I had to be awake to let him in), so he'd planned to go sleep at another friend's place. She'd fallen asleep and couldn't let him in. He went and sat a diner for a few hours, then came to my apartment and slept on the stairs outside. He was too scared to call me until 8:30 a.m. Moral of the story: I'm a lot tougher than I think. Totally a real lion.

5. We went to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday, and with the purchase of a beautiful dress and a wonderful shirt I am now even more ridiculously stylish. I had to prepare, because the hot Manhattan summer thing is starting and I'm not sure how the Minnesota girl in me is going to handle it. High of 94 today. At least I missed the flash floods back home.

6. I'm writing this in my backyard rose garden. It's warm and sunny and my kitty cat is kissing me and giving me a shoulder massage. (I'm serious. She likes to walk on me.) In this city of two million people, for just a brief moment, I feel all alone.

7. I'm deciding to stay in Manhattan. At least for now.


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