Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm in love...

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I'm in love. And no mater how many times I have said this in the past, only to regret it within a week, I profess my undying devotion. Something just clicked and I knew it was right. That's right. I'm in love... with Philadelphia.

My new assignment has me working in Philly. I arrived today and spent the day exploring. I've never had trouble being excited about traveling in a European city, but somehow domestic travel fails to captivate me in the same way. Well Philly made me feel like an eager tourist. I woke up this morning, grocery shopped and did a bus tour, ate my first Philly Hoagie, browsed along South street, took pictures in Fairmount park, and poured over the weekly newspaper reading about upcoming events.

At moments, I had to pinch myself when I realized I was walking down the same streets as Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson or Sam Adams. I nearly tipped over the bus, straining to get photos of where they signed the Declaration of Independence. Yeah, I'm a tourist. A tourist in a fabulous city with history and culture, art and boys with tattoos.

At least for today, I'm in love.

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