Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Don't Call it a Comeback

I can't think of a better day to return to blogging then the day of Britney Spears emancipation. Where were you when you heard the news?

"I was at work when my mother called to tell me," said Philly Fashionista. "I fell over my desk and cried tears of joy."

Girl-Next-Door tells me, "I got the message on my Blackberry. I was walking through Bryant Park on my way to the subway when CNN released a breaking news bulletin. I read it and literally jumped up in the air yelping and pumping my fist. I'm not sure why. But somehow, it just made me feel hopeful."

I heard the news when The-Philly-Mrs. spontaneously erupted from her desk with the proud announcement, "Britney is getting a divorce." Ever since, my Gmail inbox has been jammed with family members, friends, ex-boyfriends, and fellow bloggers, all wanting to be the bearer of the good news.

No one seems to be able to contain themselves.

Outside the dry safety of my umbrella today, I could hear the business men chatter about the explosive news as I walked to work.

"That lawyer of hers really knew what he was doing. Great timing. The elections overshadowed the worst of it. I wonder how much money he will get."

"Dude. Britney Spears is single again?"

"Yeah. A single mom with two kids."

"Maybe she will get back together with JT. That would free up Cameron."

Yes, this news suddenly made the impossible seem reasonable, the intangible seem within our grasp.

I must admit that when I saw Britney on Letterman the other night, I received the sort of satisfaction reserved for studio audience make-over's. It was like seeing Liza Doolittle finally learn to spit her gum out and properly pronounce "the rain in Spain". I vicariously felt the relief of her transformation as if I had just rolled around in the wet mud and finally emerged clean from a lemon scented shower.

It was
not too long ago that I was certain you were hopeless. But see Britney... Underneath all that dirt and sleaze, their really is a nice gumless girl hiding.

In times of war and fear of right wing world domination, even the tiniest pieces of good news offer hope. Hope that no matter how far you stray, you can always come back, pick up the pieces, and start again.

Wait. What's this? Rummy has resigned. Am I asleep? Well don't wake me up just yet. I want to roll around in this bliss a little longer.

Oh Happy Day!

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