Friday, October 06, 2006

A Mighty Mouse

So picture this… A City Mouse (a.k.a. open-minded educated Lexicon), a true bred and born native New Yorker, takes an adventurous excursion to the Southern State of Tennessee. Why? To meet her best friend’s soon to be husband.

Now prior to embarking on this wonderfully eclectic journey, City Mouse (a.k.a. still Lexicon) reads a Myspace bulletin posted by future husband of best friend. In the nasty bulletin, Mr. Country Singer Mouse (a.k.a. future husband of City Mouse’s best friend) rants about politics, Immigration, and other controversial stuff. City Mouse gets a little whiff of the “Gee do I really want to meet this guy in person?” scent.

Now City Mouse does not necessarily agree with Country Mouse’s political views specifically his thoughts on the usage of derogatory words that are even too inappropriate to mention, but she decides to try and reserve judgment before meeting him.

So City Mouse, being a true optimist at heart (despite popular opinion), fends off her desire to become Mighty Mouse and defend her friend from the man who she thinks will ultimately be the wrong guy. Instead, City Mouse flies down to the home of one of her favorite singers, the Late and wonderful Mr. Johnny Cash, to meet the Country Singer Mouse (a.k.a. future husband of best friend), in all his glory.

On the plane City Mouse becomes a nervous mouse. But ultimately she realizes that sometimes she can also be a too quick to judge mouse, and even a WRONG mouse. Yet this gal mouse is a firm believer that if you brace yourself for the worst, the worst almost never happens. So not true in this instance!

The Country Singer Field Mouse turns out to be a living, breathing creature that embodies every word included in his Myspace rant about right wing politics. However, Little Miss Savvy City Mouse is never one to judge someone based on his or her political standings.

“I mean after all its just politics right?”

“Wrong”-Says Country Singer Mouse “(shouting) These are not my political beliefs they are the truth, and if you don’t like it then get the fuck out of America you fucking Anti-American Communist.”

Mind you all this was shared with the other guests at the couple’s engagement party over the the cheese table platter.

So now what is City Mouse to do? She decides that everyone is entitled to their opinion. After all, that is what it means to have freedom of speech. Yet City Mouse cannot truly survive in this hostile negative environment. She shuts down, clams up, and remains absolutely silent. Why? Because she’s a smart mouse, and (through the wonderful love, and guidance of her great group of friends) she knows her opinion would be spoken through wasted breath.

Eventually City Mouse needs a time out to call Planet Earth. Planet Earth says, “Remember this is not your problem City Mouse because you cannot change their problem with the world nor do you need to fix their problem.”

From the Earth’s profound words of wisdom, little, fluffy, squeaky City Mouse realizes a point.

She says to helpful Earth Planet “Wow. So I don’t mind opinionated people, just people that don’t let me have my opinions.”

Earth responds- “You go girl! Now all you have to do is get home in one piece.”

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