Friday, September 08, 2006

Justice will be served... barfy

Walking to work today (as you know I love to do), I passed an advertisement for a new “Judge Judy”-type show on the CW, featuring one Maria Lopez. Above a picture of the very attractive- and startlingly young-looking for 52 - Judge Lopez, was the following copy:


Will Be Served


I hope Judge Lopez had a long, hard struggle over that one. I like to think she stared at that ad and thought to herself, “Smith. Boston University. Seven years as an Assistant Attorney General in Massachusetts in the Civil Rights Division. Counsel to the Office for Immigrants and Refugees. First Latina on the bench in that state; first to be appointed to the Massachusetts Superior Court. Spent years of my career working for the underprivileged and invisible in our society. Resigned from the bench rather than compromise my principles in one highly-publicized case.

And now it sounds like I’m going to be delivering justice through hair-pulling fights and samba contests.”

To be fair – I wouldn’t have known that Judge Lopez had such an admirable career if I hadn’t seen that ad, and been intrigued/horrified enough to look her up. I’m not sure if now that I know it, I feel better… or worse. Does no one care for their dignity anymore?? Jeez.

This is blacksheepish, shaking her head in bewilderment.

PS- Missed you guys. Promise not to stay away so long again.

PPS- Nothing to report with the Viking. He met someone else while he was away. At least he had the stones to tell me so. Ah well. You rolls the dice and you takes your chances.

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