Thursday, August 31, 2006


Over here in men's magazine world, we're working on a story about sexual lubricants. The initial research is, of course, a job left to innocent little (and, apparently, somewhat squeamish) FEMALE intern.

Yes, this is the same Lion of the recently documented editor-induced horniness. But I meant in the normal way! Hugs and cuddles and kisses! And maybe- maybe- missionary! None of this'd blow-pussy licker-anal ease business!

If I were just calling in product requests, it might be manageable. But no, I've had to fully entrench myself in the world of vaginal dryness and penile chafing. Your basic lubricant manufacturer's website is a far cry from, say, the Wall Street Journal. Lots of visual clarification and colorful language, and a few unexpected and unwelcome audio supplements. (A loud and quite humiliating reminder to quiet my computer's volume.)

Then my mother called. Part of me wanted to shield her from this crude world I've entered. But a bigger part wanted a mommy's comfort. I explained my research to her, and she was appropriately kind and sympathetic.

Then she called me back.

"Lion darling, let me know what your research turns up. Might as well get some practical use out of it."



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