Saturday, August 26, 2006

Billion Dollar Babes

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Kate Nobelius Flipped her hair over her shoulders, sat her size two ass down in the Cutter Hair products chair and demanded a touch up.

“Touch up, touch up. There are cameras everywhere. People.”

When billion dollar babes touched down in New York this weekend there were definitely lots of cameras and lots of people. What there was not, is a lot of new designers and clothing.

I’ve been a slave to this sample sale for the past two years of New York living. And most of the time I am pleased with the offering and spend lots and lots of money. But this show was a sad recycling of fashions and prices from the last two seasons, now on clearance at Century City. In fact, I saw a Petro Zillia jacket from spring 2004 that I bought a year ago and is still going for the same price. And an Eva Franco dress that I just bought at Loehmann’s for $50 was selling for $90 at BDB.

Billion Dollar Babes is a traveling sample sale that features designers from LA, New York and London. It’s invitation only and was once a chance to get great deals on current season merchandise. It was also once a great place to get a kick ass gift bag, but this year I walked away with a pile of out-of-stock Armani cosmetics in colors better suited for a woman of African decent.

On the bright side, I got a butler this year to walk around holding my clothes and chiming in to tell me if something was overpriced. If they would have allowed him in the fitting room, I could have used his expertise in telling me which outfits made my ass look big. Without his assistance however, I did find a vintagey looking Tocca dress that I will be able to get away with wearing once a year. And okay, okay I bought some other great pieces.

But perhaps if Ms. Nobelius spent less time getting her hair fashioned and more time taking care of the customers and bringing in fresh merchandise, then I would have walked away from the Billion Dollar Babes sale with more shwag, more merchandise, and even less money in my bank account.

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