Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What makes a good blog?

I just came from a writing class at

I feel inspired.

This class was on character development. The professor encouraged us to develop characters in a way that leads plot. He hammered the issue that I so struggle with in writing fiction and non-fiction, show me—don’t tell me.

I thought of all the pieces of literature that I’ve read over the years that drive me as an individual. I thought about John Irving, my favorite author, and how he writes these quirky characters that make you want to keep reading long after the book and the story have ended. Characters like Garp.

I thought of the characters in Captain Corelli’s mandolin by Louis de Bernieres. Each character shows their world distinctly different from the next, but weaves one beautiful story. Compelling characters are the art of good storytelling.

I wonder if this applies to the blog author. What makes a good blog author and good blog? Is it identification with the blogger? Is the blogger the protagonist? Do people read because they are curious about the person behind the blog? Or is it the characters the blogger meets along the way?

What do you think?

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