Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good vibrations

What do you get when you combine two of the hottest guys in Soho (my opinion, of course) turning 30, with another smokin’ 28 year-old-guy telling you about it and yet annnnother hard-bodied Euro hottie with a KILLER bachelor pad in the East Village? Why, the greatest sober party EVVVER! In a luxury condominium building in the East Village, on a blustery Spring evening this weekend, no less than 300 attractive/hormone racing alcoholics gathered in a spacious 3,000 sq. foot space with one of Manhattan’s best dj’s and cases of Red Bull and Poland Spring. There were people of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes throwing down to some of the hottest beats I’ve jammed to in a while. Around the room, there were chaises, a large flat-screen t.v. showing sports, a fully stocked fridge with non alcoholic beverages and a pool table with a bevy of beauties and beaus in tow.

As the base pumped, I felt a throbbing in my heart. I looked above me, and the majestic chandelier streamed light, which at my dancing vibration, seemed to emit prisms of light. I spun around and felt my wild locks swirl like an oscillating fan. The still shots that my mind’s eye focused in on, captured an awkward 16 year-old in faded low rise Diesel’s shaking what her mama gave her. A 20 year-old who was a dead ringer for Brad Pitt’s lost younger twin (circa Kalifornia, 1993). An East Village celebrity (lead singer for a popular band), a recognizable model and Lindsay Lohan look-a-like circling around a graceful African dancer and far-out Bohemian. Light surrounded the dance floor. Votives were carefully placed around the room. Beads of perspiration made their way from my scalp to my forehead, to cascades down my back. I took a sharp breath in and felt as if I had come home for the first time ever. I exhaled so much love, that I felt dizzy after. This was no dream. This was the heightened state that I first experienced in the circumference of the leather tee-pee this Fall…

I was directed to sit in the back…behind the elder. The smell of bear claw and sweet sage filled my senses. An athletic, chiseled Aryan man wearing Levi’s 501’s and a smile, carried large, heated boulders in to the center, where a circle had been dug in the Earth. He gently placed the scalding granite in the hole, and sparks flew. The elder calmly said, “Migwich” and gave him tobacco. He bowed in appreciation and retreated beyond the light. The woman sitting to my left let out a sigh after the steam filled the room. The woman to my right began to tremble beneath her wool blanket. A strange light warmed my spine, and I reached my hand out in the darkness and held it 8” from her neck and cooed, “The light will heal you, let it in”.

The pulsating base from the speakers seemed to lift the room to a new level, and everything became alive again. Light streamed from each body before me. I felt a large palm touch the base of my spine. I turned to the left and there, in the room full of light, stood the man I had seen from afar as I had counted days a year ago. He said, “Do you feel the vibration?” and smiled his broad, caring grin. I felt myself melt for a minute, and reminded myself that he was just singing the refrain from the song. In that instant, my girls came racing towards me like the teammates do to a quarterback, and as I was taken away in a jumping screaming frenzy…I could honestly say, “It’s such a…good vib-ra-tion-huh, it’s such a-sweee-eet sen-sa-tion-huh!” Feel it, feel it!

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