Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am Rumi: Sober Woman in New York in search of Enlightenment or Celebrity

I am Rumi. As free as windblown pussy willows. In my innocence, I aspired to find a place, beyond right doing and wrong doing, where I could enjoy a camaraderie and sense of union only thought to be experienced with family, or a rite of passage that one is born in to. I am waking up to the discovery that life is all around me. There is a field of infinite possibilities and joy. I live this and make it my mission to bring this forward. There is a gentle portion of my heart that is reserved for humanity. I am waking up to the discovery of love in my surroundings. I feel powerful and strong, because I am humble enough to see where I was once proud. I feel loved and accepted, because I am awake enough to give more than I take. I am experiencing a renaissance, because I no longer fear the embrace of the universal light that is all around me... penetrating my existence and availing me to my connection to you. Thank you for being here and sharing in my human experience. I love you, my reader, I love my friends in this blog spot, and most of all... I fu%*ng lovvve New York!!!

This Fall, I enjoyed a spiritual awakening brought on by partaking in a sweat lodge. Have you ever experienced this type of connection? A sweat lodge is a Native American practice whereupon your body is purified and your soul is ascended to new spiritual heights. My experience took place on a yoga ranch in Upstate New York. The New York snob in me held haughty reprobations of what this would entail. The sober part of me was desperate for an awakening. To me, an awakening is a spiritual connection that is not contingent on a person, place or thing to fulfill me.

I took the 3 plus hour trip to the deep country. The Catskills were brimming with the peak of autumnal promises. As I looked on the horizon, the hues filled me with a hope I had submerged in the recesses of my childhood. As a white tailed deer scampered by, I decided I would do this, without judging it. Upon sun rise, I was the first in line to experience the smudging. This is a ritual performed by an elder, where one's aura (or 18" of personal energy field surrounding your body) is cleansed with sweet sage and prayer. Refraining further from judgment, with my clothing neatly tucked in a pile by the pond, I quickly made my way in to the tee-pee. Upon entering, the elder asked me what my intention was for the ceremony. I honestly responded, "I have come to honor mother earth." Right there, I knew that any New Yorker in me had jumped the shark back in Chelsea. I sat behind the elder and let the smell of bear paw shavings and wood soothe me. It felt as if I had traveled back in to a womb. Not my mother's womb, or a time travel womb, but A womb of origin.

The rest of the details are something I will have to release as time goes on in this blog. I hope that you are interested enough to relish in the time-released discovery of what made that experience color my activities from then on and what made me sustain the teachings of that life-altering experience.

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