Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Funny Beach Reads

Has anyone read books by Augusten Burroughs? The film “Running With Scissors” got mixed reviews but I haven't seen it and thus can't comment. What I WILL suggest you check out is “Magical Thinking,” his book of non-fiction stories. In it, Burroughs also says he wrote his first book, Sellevision, in 14 days, and found a literary agent almost as fast. And then a publisher. While it’s possible, this claim reminded me of the title…Magical Thinking.

One chapter that was so hysterically FUNNY I have to tell you about it. It’s on HIRING A MAID IN MANHATTAN. Crazy things happen when your maid is so short she only cleans the lower half of the window, and you can’t fire her because she’s psychotic and you’re terrified of her.

A great beach read which I enjoyed while on the hammock at the Hamanasi resort in Belize...


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