Thursday, November 16, 2006

Theodore Aiden Wiese

Thursday, November 16 @ 4:30 AM
19.5 inches long
7 pounds 9 ounces

Dear Aiden,

Welcome to the world. And welcome to the family. What a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise. I was hoping to decorate the Christmas tree this year, but dressing you up in holiday themed outfits will be much more fun. Please note the love that is waiting for you when you become old enough to embrace it. Before you get old enough to hate us, let me tell you that your Aunties and Uncles have been waiting for you for a very long time.

Grandpa hopes you are quiet, like him. Grandma hopes you like charades and learn to talk soon. Uncle Erik can't wait to talk politics. Aunt B is dying to take you shopping. Uncle George promises to teach you to fish. Aunt Katryn has already planned your first hike. Auntie Maiken is the only Wiese you will ever want to sing you a lullaby. Aunt Kirsten can make the plants come to life. And me, I can't wait to hold your tiny little fingers and kiss your tiny little toes, make those gynormous Wiese lips laugh and rock you back and forth until you fall asleep in the nook of my arm, your head gently resting on my chest.

How blessed and grateful we are to have a new little Wiese among us. There are not words to express my joy at welcoming you into this lovely family.

All the love in my heart-

Auntie Ing

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