Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mr. Rogers never had it so good

The difference one block can make in this city is quite amazing. A street can change from block to block and as I am exploring my new neighbor hood...I am finding my favorites. I write down where and when the sun hits the benches in the afternoons, which coffee house has intelligent magazines to read and a less holy attitude. 3pm seems to be the New York City witching hour for Sunday afternoons...you start having to fight for your spot in the sun. It's so fun! I'm a cross between a tourist and a girl eager to feel at home.

Speaking of home, the boyfriend finally returned and we find ourselves in a five floor walk-up as a temporary solution to the stop-work order of a few weeks ago. Still living out of a suitcase and still ordering take-out, but I love the location and knowing that the new apartment might be done before 2007 is good enough for me right now. Besides, the couch down the street can offer great espresso and lots of reading!
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