Saturday, April 22, 2006


Lo and behold this reservation girl has found herself a job in big, bad New York! I'm excited...I am a 2nd assistant to a personal assistant to a fashion designer.


If only it was that simple.

I now find myself, not only learning the intricacies of office politics in the world that is New York fashion, but I am juggling a new apartment remodel, assigning the old apartment to some random sucker that will pay what I've been paying, trying to sell my Land Rover, attempting to have a modicum of a social life, opening a new checking account (harder than it sounds), track down American Airlines lost luggage claim, supervise the painting of my house back in Montana and do it all by myself as my boyfriend is gone for two weeks!

It just never ends. I find myself at Home Depot at 7 am and 9 pm at night for five days in a row...a kaleidescope of faucets, paint samples, toilets, sinks, and track lighting screaming through my head. I am trying to keep it all straight but it's tough. How does anyone get anything done during work hours if you have to work 50 hours a week?

There is no way the new apartment will be finished by May 1...yet I have to out of the old one by April 30th! So I pack and pack and clean and sort and clean and schlep during any minute of free time I have. This is the part where boyfriends come in really, really handy.

Then this morning I get a phone call...the new landlord says that a stop-work order has been issued by the City because he neglected to get a building permit. The neighbors turned him in. Nothing is going in or out of the apartment until it's sorted out next week.

Land Rover anyone?
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