Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Difference between New York and Washington DC, # 5

There are certain things we take for granted in New York.

1. At least five cheap quality manicurists within a one block radius of your house.

2. An abundance of willing taxi cab drivers on a Sunday morning.

This weekend, I needed a manicure and a taxi.

I scoured Georgetown on a Saturday morning for a place to get a quick mani. I went to every single salon on the strip. Everywhere I stopped was either booked, or closed until noon. Once I found a place that was open and had a space for me, I enjoyed a laborious, shotty manicure for $60. And they didn't even serve me green tea.

Because taxis in DC are zoned and not metered, every cab costs at least eight bucks with tip. Even if you are only going three blocks. And taxis don't like to take you only one zone if it's more than three blocks. Union Station is a ten minute taxi ride and only one zone from my apartment. I walked ten blocks down Connecticut with my hand up and every cab that pulled over, refused to take me.

"I no go there." Suddenly they couldn't speak English.

Once I got to Dupont Circle, I simply opened the door of cab waiting at a stop light and sat down. As soon as I had situated myself comfortably in the back seat and announced where I needed to go he tells me, "I no have change."

In true New York fashion, I yell 'fuck', get out, and slam the door behind me.

There are certain things we take for granted in New York.

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