Thursday, February 09, 2006

Throwing up on a 1st date is NOT romantic

Throwing up on a 1st date is NOT romantic, but he couldn't help it.

My lap was the lucky recipient of the salmon he ate for dinner. To be fair, he threw up more on himself than on me, but it splashed over enough that I qualify as a full-fledged victim.

Maybe this is a sign that I should not be dating other people.

He thought he had the Common Cold but it must be the flu.

Winter is the most popular time to get sick. I’m feeling under the weather myself after forgetting my scarf and gloves one night. Odds are, you’ll get sick at least once this winter.

How to avoid throwing up on a date?

Health experts suggest taking care of yourself in the following ways:

Plenty of water (skip the caffeine so you get enough shut-eye time)
Green tea (or black tea)
Especially Mushrooms
Especially Oranges
Garlic (if you’re sick, you’re not kissing people anyway, so don’t worry about your breath)
Oh, yeah, and this piece of advice comes from yours truly: don't throw up on your date. Take a rain check. It's far less rude to cancel than to gross her out.

(This blog is UPDATED DAILY by an aspiring actress who’s dated most of Manhattan.
No CEOS were harmed in the making of this blog – unless they deserve it.)


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